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International New York Short Film Festival

"Street Food themed"

October 2-3, 2023  Manhattan, New York

online and physical participation

The origin of street foods largely relies on the cultural and natural landscapes that surround the environments where they are prepared and sold. Street food illustrates a culinary heritage that is embedded in the ways of life of people, both residents and visitors.

In many places around the world, local communities and their daily lives have been affected positively by their street food cultures that bring together people in unison. Eating together brings people close and allows them to strive for one another in every possible manner.

Street food tourism is a major part of all global travel now and hence it has been supporting and boosting the economy of many small and big countries. As a matter of fact there are many countries and cities around the world that depend extensively on tourism – street food is a boon for all of them.

As the New York Short Film Festival Team, we decided to organize a short film festival with the theme of "street food" for the first time in the world, in the last quarter of 2023. You can bring the street food culture in your country and around you to the New York Film Festival, an internationally prestigious platform, with a short film you will make. The short films you send will be brought to the big screen in New York and will be included in the digital catalog that will be registered and published on your behalf with the ISBN number to be given to your work.

Short Film Festival Calendar

Short film submission deadline: September 15, 2023

Payment and registration deadline: September 18, 2023

Movie screening in New York: October 2-3, 2023

Movie Calatogue Publication: November 1, 2023

Festival Program

October 1, 2023 (Riu Plaza Hotel Times Square, Movie Saloon)
18:00 - 19:30 : Opening ceremony of Film Festival
19:30 - 22:00 : Screening

October 2 , 2023 
10:00 - 18:00 : Screening

October 3 , 2023 

18:00 - 19:00 : Closing ceramony

Form of Participation
We offer two alternatives
1- Online Participation: Your short film is screened by us in New York. You follow the process from your country

After the festival, the short film catalogue with ISBN will be published and a certificate of participation will be sent to the movie makers

2- Physical Participation: Join in film festival as movie maker in New York with us and let's run the process together. After the film festival, the short film catalogue with ISBN will be published by New York Liberty Publishing House and a certificate of participation will be sent to the owners.

Your short film  will be screened in Manhattan, New York
- Riu Plaza Hotel Times Square Festival Saloon

- Online platform on youtube channel

Who can apply to exhibition?

Film festival is open to all amateur and professionals who use thier mobile phone cameras as movie maker


"street food" themed films are accepted


You can only participate with one movie

It is obligatory to write the names of everyone who contributed to the film on the application form.

Your movie should be between 4-5 minutes

If the voiceover is made in a language other than English, English subtitles must be added

Films should not contain political messages.
​Films should not contain discriminatory, provocative messages.
Films should not have violence, torture
Films movies should be shot horizontally with a mobile phone


Important Informations

This is not a competition
It is a juried festival
All works that pass the jury evaluation will be screened in New York
All screened works will be included in the catalog with ISBN to be published by Liberty Publishing in New York
A Festival participation certificate will be given to all the owners of the works


Exhibition Venue

Riu Plaza Hotel Times Square, Manhattan

Application Steps and Process

1- Fill the application form and send to   until September 15, 2023

For application form CLICK

2- Jury evaluation process takes 3-4 days. If your movie is accepted by jury, we will send you an acceptance notice

3- Film list (works and artists names) will be published on our web site in September 28, 2023

4- Live broadcast time and internet channel name will be included in the program.

5- Program includes also detailed physical exhibition program 


Participation certificates

Online/physical display of movie in New York

Publication of film in the short film catalogue with ISBN

Become a Sponsor

It is of great importance to sponsor such an international event that reflects the street food culture of different parts of the world.

You can sponsor our film festival individually or institutionally

Benefits of Sponsorship

Your or your company will be mentioned as a sponsor at such an important international event.
Your or your company's name will be on the event website as a sponsor.
Your or your company's name will be included as a sponsor in the event film.
You or your company's name
will be included as a sponsor in the catalog that will be published after the event.
You will be given a sponsorship certificate and plaque.

Sponsorship Fees
Individual Bronze Sponsorship: 50 USD
Individual Silver Sponsorship: 100 USD
Individual Gold Sponsorship: 200 USD

Corporate Bronze Sponsorship: 200 USD
Corporate Silver Sponsorship: 500 USD
Corporate Gold Sponsorship: 1000 USD

An invoice will be issued to you in return for your payment.

This event is organized by IKSAD INSTITUTE

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